Declaration of INTERdependence
Commemorative Reproduction

Will Durant's noble effort to recognize the equal rights and dignity of all human beings during the 1940s predated the civil rights movement. Now you can own a commemorative copy of the declaration that acheived unprecedented national public support and the recognition of the Congress of the United States. Beautifully restored from the original master, this limited edition copy of the Declaration of INTERdependence is printed on parchment paper, suitable for framing.

8.5 X 11

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Will Durant Commemorative Photographs

By popular request, the Will Durant Foundation is now offering these candid photographs of the Durants, each beautifully embossed with the signature of Will and Ariel Durant.

8 X 10
$15.95 each (plus shipping and handling)

Will Durant

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Will and Ariel Durant

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